Below is the questions we get the most about Swimrun To The Worlds End


[accordion-item title=»How do i register for SwimRun to the World’s End?»]

You can register in the registration page. Registration will be open until the middle of august. 

[accordion-item title=»What is the water temperature during the race?»]

The water temperature on race day is normally between 17 and 20 degrees celsius.

[accordion-item title=»What is normally the air temperature during the SwimRun to the World’s End?»]

The air temperature during the race is likely to be between 12 and 22 degrees celsius.

[accordion-item title=»Is it possible to change team name after we have registered?»]

Yes! Send us an e-mail on the Contact page (possible until August 1st)

[accordion-item title=»What type of wetsuit do you recommend for athletes to wear?»]

We recommend that you use a triathlon wetsuit where with short arms and short legs (i.e. cut off the arms/ legs of an old wetsuit). It will be warm…
It is also possible to buy SwimRun specific wetsuits (for example from HEAD swimming, HUUB or other brands).
These suits can have zippers both at the front and at the back and also some pockets.

[accordion-item title=»Are the athletes wearing the wetsuits during the run legs?»]

Most athletes will keep the wetsuits on during the entire race. Some might choose to take it off during the longest run section (7,5 km).

[accordion-item title=»How many hydration stations will there be in the race?»]

There are 5 aid stations where we serve water, energy drinks, energy bars and protein bars. If you carry your own hydration system, like a CamelBak, you can fill this at the aid stations.

[accordion-item title=»Is there a time limit for the race?»]

Yes! There are three cut-off zones. If you do not reach these zones before the cutoff times provided in the race briefing, you will be taken out of the race.

[accordion-item title=»Do you need volunteers to organize the race?»]

Yes! We always need volunteers. Without volunteers we wouldn’t be able to organize the SwimRun to the World’s End. You can sign up as a volunteer here! Go to the volunteer page in the bottom on this page